When you think of who could be the wealthiest person in a certain state many people myself included think of what major businesses or companies exist in each state. Some of which we have heard of and are very familiar with and some of us have never heard of before.

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Professional athletes make a ton of money, but most of them do not stay in the states they play sports in, they live there for the season, and then they are off to wherever their permanent home may be. Plus their millions of dollars a year don't even come close to what these top are worth. So who is the richest person in Minnesota and Wisconsin?

In Minnesota, the richest person is: Pauline MacMillan Keinath

So who is she and how did she accumulate all her wealth? According to moneyinc.com at 88 years old she is believed to be the largest shareholder at 13 percent at Cargill. Cargill is an American company that is known as a global food corporation and is based in Wayzata Minnesota, The Cargill/MacMillan family is now among the richest families in the world. Keinath's wealth is estimated to be around 6 Billion Dollars.

In Wisconsin, the riches person is: John Menard Junior

According to FORBES Menard is the founder of Menards Home improvement stores which anyone in the midwest is probably very familiar with. At 81 years old his estimated wealth as of 1/6/2022 is $20.4 Billion dollars! He first started a construction business back in 1958 and has grown his empire to over 300 stores mostly in the Midwest but extending East to Ohio and West To Wyoming.

Since both of these individuals are older it will be interesting to see how their fortune will be dispersed when they pass away if one individual will inherit all of their money or whether it will be dispersed among a group of people. But for now, they both sit on top as the richest person in each of their individual states.

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