Cooper and I were talking this morning about how I was cruising through T.V. channels and stumbled upon the movie Back to the Future II on New Years Day. Coincidence, I think not.

At first when the movie started I thought to myself have I ever seen this one before, once the movie started rolling I remembered yes I had, but of course this movie also came out 30 years ago. The future time set was 2015, so the kids and I huddled up and they were laughing at how off some of the concepts were, like flying cars, which would be awesome but know.

But, according to The Telegraph the minds behind this movie actually did get a few things right:

1.) Wearable Technology: Google Glass
2.) Video Calls: Facetime and Skype
3.) Microwave meals: Of course they are super common, even though a mini pizza does not grow into a giant pizza like in the movie.

What were they way off on?  CLICK HERE