With so much to see, do and eat at "The Great Minnesota Get together" -The MN State Fair, sometimes you have to really plan ahead so you don't leave with totally empty pockets at the end of the day.

I know from personal experience that I get so overwhelmed as soon as my feet hit the fairgrounds pavement. Where do we start? What should we eat first? Many business have some great deals and even give away some merchandise for free, like Hats, T-shirts, Beads, Toys, candy, recipe books and most importantly hand sanitizer! For a complete list click here

Also, need to wash down that tub of cookies, you can get all the milk you can drink for only $1.00 in the dairy building. Plus you got to check out the 4H barn and see all the animals, that's free too! Hands down though, my favorite activity is to sit on a bench and take in all the people watching, it truly does not get any better than that.