A new map is making waves on the internet for the interesting use of city names - or lack thereof!

A map put out by The Pudding replaces major town names with the most searched-for celebrity in that area. As they put it, this 'People Map of the US' shows the name of the most Wikipedia'ed resident in the area. This means the person has been born, lived in or has some sort of connection to the place in question.

This is averaged by pageviews.

So who is the lucky celebrity taking over Northern Minnesota? Chris Pratt! His name is shown in the northern part of the state, replacing Virginia on the map.

That's not a HUGE shock considering the Hollywood star was born there! He lived there until he was three years old. He obviously now calls Los Angeles his home but at least we can say we knew him when.

He's not the only superstar from this neck of the woods. There are quite a few actors who once called Minnesota home.

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