Have you ever gone to Craiglist and just browsed all the things that are for sale in your area? I don't usually but sometimes I do if I want to get a good laugh!

Why you ask? People are always selling some very strange things on there and sometimes, people even give away certain items for free.

I wanted to see what free stuff was available in the Duluth / Superior area at this time and I was not disappointed. I came across a bunch of things that made me scratch my head. That list includes free meat scraps, miscellaneous vacuum heads and a dishwasher that is out of commission.

So what is the strangest thing that is up for free right now? I have to say, out of all the strange objects for sale, the most humorous has to be two stacks of plastic cups from McDonald's. Yes, you read that right.

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The McDonald's cups are for small drinks and there is no word on just how many there are between the two stacks. As mentioned, they are free of charge. The seller just asks that you pick them up.

I have a bunch of questions about this. Why does this person have these cups and why not just toss them? Maybe they want to spread the holiday cheer and gift them to someone who really likes drinking out of a fast food cup.

I probably won't ever get answers to the questions I just mentioned but I can always count on getting a good laugh when I browse Craiglist!

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