Evan Hansen is carrying a canoe across Minnesota. He's calling it Portage For A Purpose, and he's doing it to raise suicide awareness. Evan shares on his fundraising page that recently four people in his life have died from suicide. He wants to honor the memories of those who have died, and also raise money for awareness. 100% of the donation money will go to the National Alliance On Mental Illness.

Evan originally was going to portage the canoe the entire Superior Hiking Trail, but due to wildfires in the region he needed to adjust his route. He began his journey from South Dakota/ Minnesota border on September 1. He will attempt to carry the canoe all the way to the Wisconsin border.

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I was made aware of his story on the Minnesota Conservation Officers Association's Facebook page. They saw Evan carrying his canoe along the side of the road and curiosity got the best of them. They met Evan, learned of his cause, and shared his message. His mission touches many lives, including these officers who recently lost a co worker to suicide. They applaud his efforts.

People can make a donation on his fundraising page, and even enter a name of a loved one to honor. He will write the name on the canoe and continue on his journey. At the writing of this article, he has raised over $10,000.

This coincides with Suicide Prevention Week. If you are struggling with suicidal thoughts please don't hesitate to call 800-273-8255. Or you can text TALK to 741741.

It's important that we continue to talk about mental health and remove the stigma of getting help.

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