I had a nurse tell me this a couple years ago, and I've been following it ever since during the cold and flu season. If you've got a family (especially with kids), this is really important in stopping the spread of germs and viruses.

Here it is: use paper towels instead of cloth towels. Why? Because after you wash your hands and wipe them on cloth towels, the moisture can allow viruses and germs to live longer. So if your hands weren't washed good enough, or the towel picked up something in the air, it becomes a safe place for those germs to live.

Then, as a healthy person washes their hands clean and wipes them on a towel they become infected. You can bleach the house as much as you want, use lysol wipes on everything, but if you are using a dirty towel it's all for nothing.

Of course the other tips are obvious. Wash your hands often with soap and water. Keep toothbrushes separate. Disinfect and clean common touched things like the TV remote, light switches, railings, door knobs, etc.  Keep your hands out of your mouth. These are all things I did for years, but the dramatic difference in keeping everyone healthy and stopping the contamination was disposable (paper) towels.


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