The Mayfly invasion is in full bloom around the Twin Ports and one unsuspecting person named Deanna saw it first hand. She made a stop at the Kwik Trip by Lake Superior Zoo in West Duluth last night only to discover a massive swarm of Mayflies covering posts and entire gas pumps as well. I spoke to Deanna via messenger and she said she did not dare get out of her car, but rolled her window down to get some video (see below) until they started flying into her car.

I think most people have the same aversion to these gross bugs as I do, and to see how thick they were I am pretty sure a few on the ground got crushed under the wheels of vehicles trying to get in and out of the parking lot.

According to Mayflies have a very short life span and they emerge in large numbers in the summer months. once Mayflies emerge from the bottom of lakes as the winged insects and die soon after mating. Due to the large volume of them in one area they do tend to stink as the carcasses fall to the ground or have been stepped on or driven over by vehicles.

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