I have heard people talk about Urban Legends of the flushing power of a toilet on an airplane, but after I saw this video it validates my habit of flushing after I have stood up.

I have flown quit a bit in my day, and I usually do everything within my power to never have to use the restroom. Besides the fact that I don't like climbing over a strangers lap, it makes me nervous in case you hit turbulence, the bathroom is super claustrophobic and the crazy flushing power that the toilet generates.

Therefore, If I do get something to drink it will last me the whole flight, but If I am feeling a little daring I will ask for the whole can of pop. It is the least they can do for me considering how much I paid for that ticket right?

Three airline workers decided to show off the suction strength of the toilet on a Boeing 737 by unraveling an entire roll of toilet paper down the aisle. . The plane was empty at the time, but the speed that the toilet paper gets sucked down the toilet is frightening. Also, contrary to popular belief the tank from the toilet is emptied by a crew when the plane is on the ground, it is not dumped by the pilot in mid-air. Thank goodness for that confirmation.

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