For any parents, future parents and grandparents out there, this is a must see and possibly a reality check for some. I know this all to well with our kids, and it makes me sad.

We badger our kids who are teenagers now, to go outside, ride your bikes, go for a swim etc. anything to break away from phones, computer and the T.V.  Yes they do not go out and play with their friends at this age, but still do something! Thankfully when they were younger they did not have any of these except T.V. and were more apt to go outside and run around.

I tell them all the time how when I was a kid, I would leave the house in the morning and sometimes not come home until dinner. Many kids nowadays barely have any friends and the ones they do they hang out with it's through technology, not face to face. I think this video hits the nail right on the head, and again may be a wake up call to some parents and caregivers.