The Mall of America seems like the perfect place to open another Willy Wonka style candy shop called "Candytopia" which will be opening for a limited time next month. This 17,000 square foot interactive edible museum is sure to please everyone's sweet tooth.

According to Bring Me The News It will be just the 4th Candytopia in America and it opens its doors on Level 2 West of the Bloomington megamall next month. The space will be filled with edible art much of which will be inspired by Twin Cities landmarks. My guess for one of them would be the Cherry and the Spoon sculpture by the Guthrie Theater. My question is how is some of this edible as you walk on through? Hopefully people don't just take a bite and keep walking that would be like eating someones chewed gum.

I am sure it is all set up in a very sanitary manner and it sounds amazing. Tickets go on sale to the general public next Tuesday at noon, with prices ranging from $28 for adults to $20 for kids ages 4-12. It's free for kids 3 and under. There will be a dozen different rooms for people to walk through and experience where guests sample all kinds of candy from sweet to sour of course chocolate and some old favorites throughout the store.

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