Timing truly is everything. The only TV show anybody seems to be talking about lately (besides, like, the nightly news) is Tiger King, Netflix’s surreal true-crime miniseries about the world of private zoos, big cat collectors, and attempted murders. In a world with new theatrical movies every week, live sports every night, and tons of other Netflix shows added every single day, Tiger King might have come and gone very quickly from the pop cultural conversation. But the show, directed by Eric Goode and Rebecca Chaiklin, had the good luck of premiering on Netflix right as the entire world went into lockdown mode because of the coronavirus. With no new movies, no live sports, and nothing to do but binge, Tiger King arrived to at least make seven hours go by very quickly.

Under normal circumstances, seven hours about some bumbling crooks and their adorable kitties might have seemed like way too long. But, as we’ve already discussed at length in a separate op-ed, these are not normal circumstances and seven hours of Tiger King now seems like a a cruelly small amount of content. That’s all we get? We need more Tiger King now!

As luck would have it, it seems we’re going to get it? Check out what series star Jeff Lowe had to say in this Cameo video, revealing that Netflix is adding an extra episode of Tiger King. And according to him it is coming this week.

Now if Tiger King taught me anything, it’s that not everything the people in Tiger King say should be considered strictly truthful. But we need this to be true very badly. So let’s hope Lowe is correct. If he’s not, and you still need more Tiger King-esque content, you should know there’s actually a podcast about Joe Exotic too, so that could fill the big cat shaped void in your heart as an alternative.

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