Many families will be playing board games on New Year's Eve. Well, at least that's what we do. If you're always the one losing all your money first, (that's usually me) I found a few secrets to winning at Monopoly. It's not just a matter of luck. game guru Erik Arneson shares his get-rich-quick strategies when it comes to Monopoly.

1. Always buy utilities and railroads when you land on them. They earn back their cost faster than anything else on the board. The most profitable color to own? Orange – Tennessee, St. James Place and New York. They get landed on the most often.

2. Put three houses on all your color properties ASAP. The rent the third house brings in can be twice the rent for two houses. Don’t wait for your turn to buy a house – you can do it between other players’ turns.

3. Know when to stay in jail. Only pay to get out at the beginning of the game, when lots of real estate is still up for grabs. Later, when landing on someone’s property gets costly – you’re better off staying in jail.

4. Try not to pay your rent on time. It’s in the rule book: If your “landlord” doesn’t demand payment and no one notices that you’re “in arrears” until after two more players have rolled the dice, you’re off the hook.

Good luck and happy gaming!