Amazingly, Americans throw out and estimated 25% of the food they buy!  I admit, I'm guilty of this too.  I'm a stickler for expiration dates.  I figure, they wouldn't put them on there if you don't need to adhere to them, right?  Well, experts have a few tips to help save your food, and save our money!  Most of these are pretty obvious tips, but they make cents. (Get it?  Cents?)

1. Plan your meals a week at a time and buy only what you need.

2. Try frozen vegetables.  They last longer, and you're less likely to throw them out.

3. Clean your fridge.  Big, overcrowded refrigerators are major culprits in food waste, because you can't eat what you can't see!

4. Don't be afraid to use the freezer.  Store bread, meat, or even leftovers in there to extend their shelf-life.

5. Only buy what you can carry.  It may mean more trips to the store, but then you are forced to buy only the necessities.

So there you go!  Waste less and save more. :)