For any parent with young kids you know how they are like a magnet to your phone. Drooling on it, dropping it, trying to swipe the screen, and now taking selfies?

Whoever started this craze needs to take a time out, it is getting out of hand. This is one of my peeves on Facebook, where I feel like I am becoming very familiar with your bathroom. Now don't get me wrong I have done a selfie or two, but never in front of a mirror and for humorous purposes only....ha ha

But now a recent study indicates that it could be emotional harmful to young children to take to many selfies, because they may develop a tendency towards feeling entitled, and self important. Ummm... all kids think that they are the center of the Universe, that is the beauty of being a kid.

It can be annoying when the kids get older and still feel this same way, but I think when kids are little it"s all part of building self esteem and making them feel special, just don't continually post these selfies on facebook....:)

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