[UPDATE:] The Portland Malt Shoppe officially opened back up on Friday May 15 a little over a month after they normally open, due to the pandemic of course. They are enforcing social distance guidelines so please make sure to try and follow them as you are waiting in line for a delicious malt or ice cream cone. They are open daily from 11am- 9pm.

The Portland Malt Shoppe is a beloved spot for locals and tourists alike with breathtaking views of Lake Superior. The Portland Malt Shoppe first opened it's doors in 1989 even though that actual building had been a gas station and clothing boutique before that. Known for their famous malts and sweet treats,....... my go to is the mint chocolate chip cone. Yummy!  The Malt Shoppe has always been a great vantage point to take  pictures usually including whatever you are eating.

The prices have remained steady throughout the years and time just seems to stand still as you wait in line for a malt, sundae, cones or shakes all handled with care and delicious toppings to choose from. The Shoppe usually remains open until mid October depending on the weather so you have plenty of time in between to stop by and enjoy the sweetest spot in Duluth. The Portland Malt Shoppe is located near Fitger's at 716 East Superior Street.

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