I love Jeanne Ryan's blog about tips to have a drama-free New Year, thanks, Jeanne; I really appreciate your optimism. But let's be honest, when the drinking and partying start, all bets are off. Here are my tips to have a complete drama fest this New Year's Eve.

  • 1

    Forget Your Money At Home

    If you want to create some havoc and bar close, tell your friends that you forgot your money at home and that someone needs to pay your $175 bar tab.

  • 2

    Kiss Your Girlfriend's Friend at Midnight

    Do you want some serious drama? Lay a big wet kiss on someone other than your date when the clock strikes midnight. Blame it on the al al al al al alcohol.

    Michael Pemberton
  • 3

    At 11:30 Tell Your Friends You Want to Leave

    After a few hours of drinking and just as things are about to get really crazy, tell your friends you are tired and you want to go, that should stir the pot a little.

    Design Pics
  • 4

    Ask Your Friends What Their Resolution is Over and Over

    Annoy your friends by continuously asking what their New Years Resolution is. Ask every 10-20 until midnight and then ask them nonstop how they are doing at keeping it.

  • 5

    Facebook Live the Entire Night

    Most people don't enjoy being broadcast live on social media all night while partying, so if you want some drama, put your entire night on Facebook live so everyone can see how foolish you all are.