Everyone has a few movies they can watch over, and over, and over, and never get sick of. Maybe it's the movies from childhood, the ones with great quotes, the ones with lots of plenty of action (or romance, etc.,) the ones with hot guys (or girls,) in them, or maybe there's a movie that defines you. These are the movies that stop us from channel surfing. These are the movies we can't believe everyone hasn't seen. We all have the movies we've seen hundreds of times. Maybe even wearing out the old tape on the VHS. (Kids, you'll have to ask your parents what a VHS is if you're confused.) Here are the top 5 movies--and let me say that narrowing this list down to just 5 was very difficult--I could watch FOREVER!

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    Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy

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    Home Alone

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    Step Brothers

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    The Big Lebowski