It is hard to imagine being in the path of all the devastation that has happened the last few weeks with the record number of tornadoes that have struck across the United States .

Having grown up In  Milwaukee we had our share of warnings and watches, but fortunately no touch downs. Even living in the Cities I never thought it could happen because it is so populated.....obviously not with the recent tornado in Fridley.  I did spend a little over 2 years in Kansas, and I admit I was very concerned when tornadoes were predicted for that area, especially in western Kansas where it is flat as the eye can see. We did have one very small twister the second week I was there and I was scared to death.   So, it made me think .....with all the grumbling we may be doing in the Northland with a wet forecast predicted  for the Memorial Day weekend....  in the scheme of things keep in mind all those poor people who have lost everything, including some of their loved ones with the recent tornadoes, and we all need to be grateful it is just some rain instead.

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