This is great news! A second Tortoise & Hare location will be opening up in the area soon.

The store shared the fun news on their Facebook page on Monday (February 3rd), making the big announcement, posting a fun picture of their new location and teasing fans with just where exactly that is. Check it out below:

It's not too hard to make out the location. According to Fox 21, the second shop will be opening in downtown Duluth along the 300 block of East Superior Street.

Don't expect it to be a carbon copy of the original location, either. Fox 21 also says there will be some differences as they aim to appeal to customers living nearby in the area.

The second location will be opening this spring, with an eye on sometime this April. The first Tortoise & Hare Footwear location is on 4002 Grand Avenue in Duluth.

The store sells many types of shoes, including those for running and hiking.

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