By now, just about everyone is wondering — and speculating — what may have caused Katy Perry and Russell Brand’s tragic divorce. The latest rumor? That Katy’s ex Gym Class Heroes boyfriend Travie McCoy is to blame for the A-list couple’s divorce.

According to one U.K. tabloid, the ‘Teenage Dream’ songstress has remained close to her ex, and that has never sat well with her husband. One source even went as far as to claim that Katy was turning to Travie for comfort when things got rocky in her marriage. “They’d often speak at strange times of the night because they travel a lot,” the unnamed friend said. “It’s fair to say that she opened up to him about how hard her marriage had come. Travie never really ‘got’ Russell or their marriage.”

According to Mirror, it wasn’t only Travie that had Russell’s hand in a fist, however — Katy simply had more guy friends than girl friends, and he was jealous. “Katy generally prefers the company of men,” the source added. “She was meeting up with male friends all the time and often swapped numbers with guys” — a big no-no in any healthy marriage.

While the ‘I Kissed a Girl’ pop tart has made a statement about the matter since the news of her impending divorce made headlines, she hasn’t addressed why, exactly, the pair weren’t getting along. To add flames to the fire that is the rumor mill, Katy Perry has since pulled out of the People’s Choice Awards … Which would have been her first appearance since the news broke. She tweeted Monday, “Unfortunately I will not be able to attend the People’s Choice Awards. I want to thank u all for voting for me, fingers crossed!”

Fingers crossed that this whole divorce scandal boils over fast, too.

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