There’s a certain theatrical nihilism to Donald Trump that lends itself well to Batman’s greatest nemesis, as we’ve seen Mark Hamill repeatedly demonstrate with his Joker-ized take on Trump tweets. As it turns out, the parallel works eerily well with other Jokers, as The Daily Show discovers with horrifying precision.

Last night’s Daily Show took on Trump’s recent ABC interview with David Muir; the first since last week’s inauguration. Anyone with a Twitter account could likely make some of the same observations about debunked voting fraud claims or the immigration ban, but Trevor Noah took things one horrifying step further with Trump’s comments about the world being “an angry place.”

Toward the end of the video below, such nihilistic sentiment becomes extremely familiar when you overlay the makeup of Heath Ledger’s Joker from Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight.

What is it with this guy and aping Nolan’s Batman villains, right? Are we next going to find out Kellyanne Conway was the real Donald Trump all along? Does Jared Kushner have a burlap mask and a briefcase full of fear gas?

The Nolan-verse may be over, but boy, if the next few years aren’t going to feel like we’re living it.

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