One local bar has decided to sell anti-Fauci, as in Dr. Anthony Fauci, t-shirts, and it has some in the community saying they will never visit the bar again.

The Rendezvous Sports Bar & Grill in Scanlon is taking an idea made popular by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, he's selling "Don't Fauci My Florida" merchandise to raise campaign money, The Rendezvous is selling "Don't Fauci My Minnesota" t-shirts for $20 to make money and stir the pot I assume.

But some people are not finding the shirts humorous or appropriate, saying that they will never visit the bar again. On the other hand, there are also plenty of people saying that they will now visit the bar more, welcome to America 2021.

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The bar posted a photo of the shirt on their Facebook page, and it stirred up the hornets nest, here is a sampling of the over 150 comments so far on the post:

  • Why does every business need to make it political 😑 Frequented the Vous, now probably not. - Nicholas
  • To everyone who is saying “poor business move,” it’s a privately owned business. This is what he believes in and stands for. It’s better to stand for something and have people hate you for it, than stand for nothing and not have a voice. If you don’t like it, move along. Simple as that. - Briana
  • Thanks for letting us know where not to spend our money 👍🏻. I’ll be sure to spread the word - Kristi
  • I only hope any profit from selling these go to a victim’s fund to support anyone that has had covid or lost a loved one to covid. - Karen

The Rendezvous Sports Bar & Grill opened in 2012 and they along with a full bar, they serve up a menu with a selection of wings and burgers.

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