It's that time of year again where many of us go to a tree lot, or for the adventurous type go cut down a tree and bring nature indoors. Hopefully you did not find any squirrels or a racoon hiding in yours, but we all know the time will come to get rid of it. Some people are die hards and try to wait until after the first of the year, where others it is out on the curb the day after Christmas.

Either way disposing of your tree is easy as pie this year thanks to a local company with a big heart. For the second year in a row Twin Ports Trailer Trash will stop by your home and pick up your left over Christmas tree absolutely Free of charge.

The pick up dates are January 6 and 7 and you must call ahead to make a reservation. Make sure to use the code ELF when you call to receive a free bag of goodies when they pick up your tree. The number to call is 218 206-7225 . *Free tree pickups in Duluth, Superior, Hermantown and Proctor. Other areas may have fee.

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Please make sure to remove all ornaments, lights, garland, tinsel or other decorations. Artificial or flocked trees and wreaths will not be accepted. What a wonderful service for this great company to provide. I don't know how many times I have seen a dried out Christmas tree thrown in the woods, left on a curb for weeks or someone tried to burn it in their tiny back yard fire pit. So please take advantage of this awesome service and get your tree disposed of properly!

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