Earlier this year, we at MIX 108 had the pleasure of meeting with a handful of students from Two Harbors High School who are part of the DECA program. Their mission is "Helping people by doing acts of kindness and making a positive impact on their mental health." These students are part of a nationwide Find The Kind Campaign which inspired us here at the station. We all know kindness is contagious, and we are all capable of being kind.

Yes, we are all busy with work, family, and friends; but sometimes it is really important to pump the brakes, take a look around, and offer a helping hand. Those of us in the media industry have the ability to reach so many people and specifically here at Townsquare Media, we can reach people on the air, through social media, and on our websites. Our company has stations all over the country, and we all care about and take pride in our communities. To show it, we are taking things to the next level with Townsquare Cares, which will be involving all of our radio stations around the country paying it forward as one big family.

Here in Duluth, we decided to help volunteer at Second Harvest Northern Lakes Food Bank. They distribute food to thousands of people all over St. Louis County. The program we volunteered for was called "Fill The Backpack."  We had about 10 of us in our group and were happy to find out that we were also being joined by 40 other volunteers to help pack bags of food for kids around our area.

The "Fill The Backpack" campaign is similar to other programs at food shelves all over the country; where bags of food are filled for children to receive at school on a Friday so they will have something to eat over the weekend. For so many children, the food they get at school may be all they have to eat for the entire day, so these bags truly make a difference in the lives of these kids. On the day we were there, we helped fill 1,600 bags! It was a small gesture on our part, but felt great to work as a team outside of the office and get to know so many awesome volunteers who help make this program happen. We at Townsquare Duluth will continue to help out in our community in whatever way we can. Now we pass the baton to the next  group of Townsquare stations to pay it forward!

Townsquare Duluth Pays It Forward

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