You hear about these stories every day or see the videos being streamed on the internet. Or hear the stories my roommate tells me about all the people she runs into on a daily basis not wearing masks and their being verbal and sometimes physical altercations, not with her but other people.

The initial incident occurred at a Menards store in Hutchinson Minnesota. Apparently a 61 year old customer assaulted a Menards employee with a piece of lumber after they were told they need to wear a mask by an employee,  All he did was ask him to put one on. The police were called and when they arrived the suspect had already left for a new location.

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The man was seen by another police officer in a store parking lot. and a slow speed pursuit ensued. According to Bring Me The News the following statement was released by the Hutchinson Police Department:

The vehicle stopped in the area of Highway 15 and Freemont. When an officer engaged the suspect through the driver’s side window, the officer became trapped in the window and the driver took off at a high rate of speed with the officer hanging onto the vehicle. During the struggle, the officer was struck in the head with a hammer. The officer was taken to Hutchinson Health for his injuries and is in stable condition.

Not only was this officer dragged by a car  while holding on for his life but was hit over the head with a hammer. Thankfully this man was arrested and taken into custody. It shakes me to the core that there are tons of people out their in our society right now suffering from some type of obvious mental health issue and most likely going untreated. That poor worker at Menards getting a board to the head. Let's do better and start looking out for each other, check in with your friends and neighbors, especially ones you know are struggling.

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