I am a big fan of the DIY Network even though I am very unhandy and really have no idea how to fix anything. It is amazing to me how people have the ability to transform just about any space. Now two Minnesota brothers are getting a chance to show off their talents on national T.V.

Chase and Brock Jurgensen are the hosts of Rustic Renovations a new nine episode series premieres on Tuesday July 11th at 9pm on the DIY Network . The premise of the show is the brothers transform lakeshore properties in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

These hearty Minnesota boys are not doing this for the sake of a TV show, this is what they do for a living and genuinely love what they do. Besides being really talented they are actually pretty funny guys and seem really sincere.

I hope this show has massive success for these two and their families, it will be great to see how people from other parts of the country warm up to "Minnesota Nice". Check out the trailer below.

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