The ride-sharing company Uber is officially launching uberX and uberXL in Duluth.

From the sounds of it, Uber will be starting operations today as it's been about a month since Duluth City Council voted on an ordinance that would allow ride-sharing companies to operate in the area.

To celebrate the launch, Uber is offering free rides starting at Noon today (May 1st, 2017).  To redeem your free ride, enter the promo code "RIDEDULUTH" in the payment section of the app and request your ride. Be aware, the promo is valid your first two rides up to $15, it only applies to rides in Duluth and the offer expires on May 4th.

Now that Lyft launched last week and Uber this week, are you excited for the ride-share
companies to finally be in Duluth? Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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