For many College students it can be a struggle to get by and with the change of seasons and cold weather coming, some students may not be prepared with the right clothing.

Jonna Korpi, Office of Sustainability Student Activities Coordinator and free pop-up store organizer said “We started a winter pop-up free store last year for our very cold weather."  The purpose of the store is all part of colleges sustainability fair and give all students the chance to make sure they are prepared for the cold weather.

Students had a wide variety of items to choose from besides just clothing, they have jackets, boots, hats comforters, everything you need to stay warm. All of the items in the store were donated by staff and fellow students. Korpi said they hope to have helped out between 200 and 300 students.

"In addition to providing students with the means to stay warm, the Sustainability Fair hoped to provide students with knowledge about overall sustainability in terms of thrifting, recycling, growing one's own food and more."

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