For residents on the East End of Duluth Beijing restaurant was a go to spot for many people, that is until 2013 when they lost their least on East Superior street and had to close. The entire building they were in was demolished and is now home to CVS Pharmacy.

But in 2016 they finally opened their new location on London road in what used to be a Pizza Hut for many years. I myself was ecstatic since I live in that area and had been waiting patiently for them to open. All was well until about a month a go when the building caught fire causing around $150,000 damage to the building. The cause of the fire has not been released by the Fire Marshal yet. Initially, owner Cindy Lee had said she was not sure if they would open again.

Now according to FOX 21 Lee has said she is 90% sure they will reopen she is still working out details with her Insurance company, and they will most likely be back open after the New Year. One can only hope.

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