As winter begins to set in, are you ready to start removing all that snow?

If the answer is no, maybe an app can help with that. I researched a few apps that specialize in finding people to shovel snow, here's what I found:

This app has a nice user interface and they appear to have people in the area ready to shovel. The app gives you the option for a car dig out, or help with a home or business. After you select one of those options, you'll pick what you want them to shovel, sidewalk, walkway or driveway.

I picked several different options and each was priced at $60, so I'm not sure this service works like an Uber or Lyft, which seems to be a set price for everything at this point.

They are also looking for people to shovel, so if you'd like to make some extra money this winter, check them out.

SnoHub is another app that lets you hire a shoveler on demand. The app is set up very much the same as Shovler, but SnoHub's prices seem to be much more reasonable, in the $40-$50 range.

According to their website, "SnoHub calculates price using several algorithms with a baseline price for each service request, location and equipment required."

Both apps allow the customer to add deicing salt to their job request.

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