According to Bring Me The News three women perched high above in their apartment decided to start recording all the people trying to get through their snow packed parking lot. The montage is absolutely hilarious and the captions are spot on. We have all been there before even if you see a bunch of cars and trucks stuck before you, we all think I can make it.

Kelsey Saladin, Rachel Hoverstad and Hanwen Wong first posted the video Sunday afternoon and within 5 hours it had a million views as of 8am this morning it had gone viral and has  5.3 million views along with 18,000 comments and nearly 100,000 shares.  This is what winter does to you in my opinion, it takes normal rational people and makes them so insane that they attempt things that are virtually impossible to do.

If you see a bunch of cars and trucks all stuck in a path why would you attempt it too? Then you see plow trucks getting stuck and you still try to get through. It's because you are so desperate to get home and get in your warm apartment that you lose all common sense. I like to call it "winter brain syndrome" and it causes brief bouts of insanity. Enjoy this video below in the comfort of you home or office and hope as do I that I don't get bad karma for laughing at these poor people.

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