How many people pets have their own Instagram account? I would guess not many, but one lucky duck from St. Paul does. She has 41,000 followers and  is extremely talented. The ducks name is Ben Afquack and lives with Derek Johnson and his family. Johnson got Ben at a farm store in Anoka when he was just a little yellow chick who quickly bonded with his new family following them everywhere.

According to City Pages Johnson did know the sex of the duckling when he first got it so they went with Ben Afquack only to discover as the duck got older that SHE laid an egg. But they just figured they would keep the same name. Johnson who is a drummer had disassembled a snare drum and had it off to the side when he realized that when he picks Ben up she tends to move her legs back and forth, so he got the idea to have her little web feet pat the drum.

Johnson posted the video on Instagram that night and went to bed, only to wake up the next morning to see the video shared thousands of times. Of course what tends to happen with viral videos is other people put their spin on it as well, and the results were hilarious.

Johnson apparently takes Ben with him all over the Twin Cities and he welcomes people to stop and say hello. He also wanted to stress that Ben is very well cared for and is spoiled rotten for the few people that complained he was "harming" the duck by forcing him to play the drums. I think I have heard everything now, you keep rocking there Ben and I hope to run into you in person when I am in the Cities.

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