In these crazy times, it is such a welcome relief every once in a while to just sit back, take a break and enjoy the simpler things in life like a little boy and a dog.

According to Erin Richer who lives in Savage discovered about a year ago that if her son put the ball on the other side of the fence that her neighbors dog Dozer, a lab mix would jump to the top of the fence and plop the ball back in their yard.

Landon and Dozer have played this game over and over many times and neither of them ever seem to get sick of it . On this occasion Landon had a friend over and he too found out how fun this little game could be.

So far this video has been viewed over 93,000 times and counting. Richer said she can't believe how many views it has gotten, but I think that with how things are in the world today, people just want to see a little innocent fun between a little kid and a dog and for a few seconds the world around us seems a little happier.

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