I know that I am really dating myself to say that I remember when video stores were the really big thing. Anytime a new movie was released it would be a race to get there before it was gone. I even remember VHS tapes and you could even rent VCR'S when they first came out.

Technology has come a long way and with streaming services at your finger tips many stores have gone the way of Video Vision. This store located at 215 N. Central Ave. in Duluth in the Spirit Valley Mall started it's clearance sale January 30th so many great items are still available.

If you are looking for game consoles, T.V. monitors, video games. and thousands of DVD's and Blue Rays for $5 spread the word about this sale. Everything must go even a movie marquee is for sale. Hours for the sale are Tues-Sat. noon to 6 PM until everything is gone. For more information Click Here


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