For many Minnesota Vikings fans the constant heartbreaking losses can almost be too much, but a new season and new hope takes shape every year. This year has undoubtedly been one that will go in the record books, with all the injuries the team has sustained and shuffling people around, this season is truly a miracle.

But so far it will be hard to top the last 10 seconds or so of the game against the New Orleans Saints with the play now known as the "Minnesota Miracle" . I was on the edge of my seat on our couch going out of my mind, I could not even imagine being at US Bank stadium.

But this story is about a daughter and her father who were at the game,  but when it looked like the Saints were going to win her heartbroken dad had to leave the stadium. Here is her story.

Below is  Megan's dad celebrating after the game. I love this so much, pure joy! Thanks Megan for sharing your story and Go Vikings, SKOL!

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