Just days after the game that is being dubbed as the 'Minneapolis Miracle' against the New Orleans Saints, Vikings fans rallied to donate to a great cause.

A great new trend in the NFL has begun this season. Fans of teams that win a big game have started to donate to a charity or foundation of a player's from the other team. Andy Dalton's charity got a huge boost after he threw a game winning touchdown pass late in the fourth quarter to beat the Baltimore Ravens and allowed the Buffalo Bills to make the playoffs.

Thomas Morestead is a punter for the New Orleans Saints. He was actually injured early in the game last weekend against the Vikings but played the entire game. And I really do mean the ENTIRE game. After the 'Minneapolis Miracle' play that vaulted the Vikings to a Divisional Round victory over the Saints, there's an NFL rule that says that the extra point has to be played before the game can end. The problem was that the Saints had already left the field, understandably. So the officials alerted the Saints locker room that they needed to field enough players for the last play of the game, even though they were just handed a crushing defeat to end their season. Morestead, even though he was injured, was one of the first people to jog back onto the field for the meaningless play.

That prompted Vikings fans to gather and encourage each other to donate to Morestead's foundation, "What You Give Will Grow", which is a charity for kids battling cancer. Word spread quickly and Morestead announced that if donations topped $100,000 that he would go to the 'Children's Minnesota Child Life Program' and present them with a donation check for the money during Super Bowl week.

Here's what came after that:

Looks like Minnesota just got a new fan for the rest of their post-season run.

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