He was one of the best players and trash talkers the NFL has ever seen, but all that's changed now.

Former Vikings DE and member of the NFL Hall of Fame John Randle starred in a Super Bowl commercial for Sleep Number and its 360 Smart Bed.

The 30-second ad shows a nicer, calmer Randle as the owner of the "John Randle Center for Trash-talking Awareness & Self Healing."

Filled with meditation, hot rock therapy, and even a Citar, a smiling Randle tells us "that he wants to help others on their journey." That is, of course, if you but a Smart Number bed.

Randle played in the NFL for 14 years, 11 of them with the Vikings, and still ranks among one of the leading sackers in NFL history. And he had some of the BEST face-paint ever on an NFL player!

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