The Voyageurs Wolf Project has captured some amazing videos on their collection of trail cams, this one is the by far the cutest.

The latest video shared by Voyageurs Wolf Project captured a 4-week-old wolf pup bellowing out its first howls, loudly too. The pup is just one of many unique looks that the project is giving the public.

Back in April they shared an epic trail can video that featured footage of wolves, moose, deer, fox, coyote, raccoons, birds, and many more.

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Voyageurs Wolf Project is also in the middle of the fundraiser with the goal to purchase an additional 120 trail cameras. They say that the cameras are a great way to study wolf litter size and denning behavior, wolf pack and population size, wolf pup survival, unique, cryptic behaviors such as wolves catching fish or eating blueberries, and wolf hunting behavior.

The trail cam setup includes the trail camera, SD cards, batteries, a lock, camera mount, and some other small items for a cost of $300, so they need to raise $36,000 to hit their goal of 120 new trail cameras. As of writing this story they have gotten just over half way there with nearly $19,000. If you want to get more information or donate, visit here.

The trail cam videos also gives the Voyageurs Wolf Project a means to share their important research, their videos on social media have been seen over 28 million times and with videos like these, those numbers will continue to rise.

The Voyageurs Wolf Project is a University of Minnesota research project located in the Greater Voyageurs Ecosystem which encompasses an area within and around Voyageurs National Park. The main purpose of the project is to study what wolves do in the summer.

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