Cooper and I were talking on the morning show about an actual product out there in which people buy a box of used tissues in order to make themselves sick. This fancy little box of snot rags will set you back $80 and according tho their web site they are currently sold out. I say I doubt it, but hey what do I know? Check it out below:

So if you want to save yourself some money but still have the desire to literally make yourself get sick I have come up with '5 Ways To Get Sick':

  1. Don't wash your hands......ever!
  2. Volunteer at a kindergarten class for a day.
  3. Take a drink from a co-workers cup who has a chronic cough.
  4. Let your grandma give you a kiss next time she visits and don't wipe it off.
  5. Shake hands with complete strangers.

So there you go if are are all about making yourself sick one of these methods should do the trick, and for the record I hate being sick so I think this is super weird. Attempt at your own risk!

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