If you have an obsession with true crime like so many of us, you may be able to turn that into big money!

Vio Security is capitalizing on the fact that it's the month of all things spooky and is looking for someone to pay in exchange for listening to true crime podcasts. In total, you will be listening to about 31 hours worth of true crime podcasts.

There have been a lot of these "contests" as of late, with companies offering money in exchange for a movie marathon and such. This one is a little bit different and super fun. Why? Because you aren't just asked to document some facts as you watch. Your heart rate will be recorded!

You will also need to answer which elements of each podcast story you liked most, if you lost sleep and if you believe the person "whodunit" really did. You will have a plethora of popular true crime series to choose from, including Serial, I Survived, Dateline and My Favorite Murder.

The whole point of this contest is to see if true crime affects people and causes them to feel unsafe or if it has just become a national fascination. To take part, you must be at least 18 years old and have to fill out an application explaining why you would love to be the lucky chosen one. You have until midnight on Monday, October 19th!

The best part of all is the prize package you get if you're chosen: wireless headphones, a flashlight and a door block mechanism. Oh, and the $1,666 dollar prize, too. Happy listening!

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