The Twin Ports has just about everything we could ever want but I can think of one business that is missing - for now.

Like I said, the Twin Ports has every business we could ever want for the most part. We have amazing restaurants, shops, specialty stores and that doesn't even scratch the surface. It is a small town with a big town feel and that is what so many people love about it.

However, while on a trip to the Twin Cities last weekend, I drove by a business we do not have here in the Twin Ports and I have been thinking about it ever since. Seriously, I think we really need one!

So which store do we need in the Duluth area? We need a Halloween superstore. Before you roll your eyes at me, just hear me out.

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Yes, I know we have a Spirit Halloween store and that is great. However, it is only open for a few months out of the year and it is a relatively new thing. I am obsessed with Halloween so last year, I was trying to research the nearest Spirit Halloween store. I was totally prepared to make a long road trip to go to my favorite store!

I screamed when it read my location and told me a store was opening in the Duluth area! In case you didn't know, a Spirit Halloween store took over the old Shopko building near Cub Foods along Central Entrance.

The store opened in August of 2020 and closed in early November. The reason I think we need a year-round superstore is not because I love Halloween but more so because it made everyone so excited!

Let's say you don't love Halloween. You may have children who do and it is a great place to take them to entertain them and buy them a Halloween costume or a treat. Maybe you love Halloween yourself and love the excitement a year-round Halloween store would bring!

Even if neither of these apply to you, a unique year-round Halloween superstore would give you somewhere else to go to break your routine. I am just saying, I think we have enough retail space to squeeze a year-round Halloween store in there somewhere, right?

Thankfully, we will get to have a Spirit Halloween store yet again this year. It was recently announced that the store would be opening in the Twin Ports yet again with a new location. Rather than occupy the old Shopko building again, the Spirit Halloween store will open in the Miller Hill Mall.

As of now, an opening date has not been revealed but the seasonal store usually opens sometime near the end of August so keep your eyes peeled! In case you're curious, it will be located in the old Dress Barn store at the mall.

Maybe it is time we make Spirit Halloween a year round thing. What do you think? Ha! Plus, costume parties can be had year round, too!

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