A Minneapolis man found out the hard way that handling Limes he was preparing for a meal while out in the sun can have some serious health consequences.

According to WCCO-TV many people are not aware of handling lime juice in the heat and sun, but for Adam Levy of Minneapolis he won't need to be told twice not to do that again.

Levy was preparing some food outside for his daughters graduation party last month preparing a variety of food including squeezing about a dozen limes as he was outside in the hot sun. the next day he noticed a redness on the back of his hand where the lime juice had touched his skin.

Things quickly went from bad to worse as his skin started to blister, his throat began to tighten and he was having trouble breathing as well. Dr. Jamie Davis of Uptown Dermatology has seen this condition before it is called  phytophotodermatitis. Some people call it "Margarita Rash" and it is not only caused by limes,  Celery Root, Fig, wild parsnip and essential oils can cause it too.

Levy ended up needing IV medications, steroids and a couple of trips to the Dr.'s Office to get it under control. Dr. Davis recommends if you do handle limes or the other items listed and you are out in the hot sun wash your hands immediately after exposure.

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