The Minnesota Vikings have had a weird, disappointing 2021 season. The sub-.500 year is leaving questions about the future of quarterback Kirk Cousins, general manager Rick Spielman, and head coach Mike Zimmer. None of that is really news though to anyone that follows the team.

What might be news is that former Buccaneers wide receiver Antonio Brown has seemingly weighed in on who is best-suited to right the Vikings ship, and he's apparently already with the team.

After an outburst in the middle of last weekend's game against the New York Jets where he removed his jersey and pads and headed into the locker room, Brown tweeted a reference to a Kodak Black song, dropped a song of his own, and has now spent a little time on Cameo, getting asked to comment on - of all things - the Minnesota Vikings situation.

A group of Vikings fans hopped on AB's Cameo page, where they dropped $300 to seek the wisdom of the superstar wideout-turned epicenter of a series of controversies and drama.

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In the video response to the fans' Cameo request, Brown initially shied away from offering comment on Cousins, Zimmer, and the rest of the Vikings situation, explaining he is trying to "figure out my team, my squad, what I'm doing, where I'm going". He then went on to say despite some fans saying his tenure should come to an end that Mike Zimmer is the guy best suited to fix things, commenting:

"So, SKOL Nation, I would tell you how to fix the Vikings: Call Mike Zimmer and let Mike Zimmer figure it out. He's the best of the best. You guys in good hands." He then went on to shoutout Vikings Twitter, and dropped his trademark "boomin'" to complete the video, which you cans see in full below.

It remains to be seen what will happen with the Minnesota Vikings, who will battle it out with the Chicago Bears in Minneapolis on Sunday in a game that is largely meaningless to both teams. The 7-9 Vikings will host the 6-10 Bears at noon on Sunday to end the season.

It also remains unclear what will be happening with Brown. Buccaneers coach Bruce Arians commented after Sunday's game that "he is no longer a Buc", clearly not happy with AB's actions. While that is the case, Adam Schefter tweeted on Monday and again on Tuesday that the team had not formally released him.

With the Buccaneers currently in the 3rd seed position on the NFC playoff race, they are faced with figuring out what to do with AB as they embark on their second straight campaign with Tom Brady to try to win a Super Bowl.

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