Sometimes, baby eagles can also be called chicks or fledglings, depending on their age, but the first eaglet of 2022 in Minnesota has hatched and you can see it on the Eagle Cam.

The DNR began the Live Eagle Cam back in 2013 and it quickly became a popular education tool for not only the agency, but also with classrooms and bird enthusiasts across the world watching the eagles' day-to-day activity.

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According to a hatch update:

On one of the rainiest days we’ve had in a long time, we got a peek at the new chick on Tuesday, March 22 at around noon.  Weather at the nest has been cold and wet so the parents are diligent at keeping the new chick and the remaining egg warm.

The DNR also went on to say that hopefully the nest will dry out enough for the world to witness the first feeding. The new chick can go several days without a first meal, as it has been absorbing nutrients from the eggshell for some time. More exciting news, the eagle laid a second egg this week.

How long does it take for a bald eagle egg to hatch? According to the National Eagle Center,  incubation for bald eagles is about 35 days. You can watch the live stream here to follow up on how the eaglet is doing. Check out the cute video below to see both parents and a quick glimpse of the eaglet:

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