Here's something you don't see every day. Strong, gusty winds and a fresh coating of snow led to a scene of Mother Nature making "snow balls" or what some might call "snow curls" or "snow bales". You might also say they look sort of like rolls of toilet paper. The lake is absolutely covered with them, as you'll see in the videos below.

The scene happened on Otter Tail Lake, which is between Battle Lake and Perham in West Central Minnesota. A light coating of snow on the lake had fallen the night before, and warm temperatures the next day made the snow sticky - you know, just like how you'd want it to make snowballs or a snowman. The strong, gusty winds were peeling up small chunks of the snow, and leading it to roll along the ice on the lake; creating a rare sight.

While it isn't totally unheard of, this relatively rare phenomenon does happen on lakes and in fields when conditions are right. Thanks to Facebooker Paul Ness, we get a visual of this phenomenon while it happened on Sunday. There are two video clips. Give them both a look. Pretty cool, eh?

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