This past weekend was a busy one at US Bank Stadium and the crew at the stadium had a Herculean task of flipping the stadium from concert mode to football mode in just over 24 hours.

Friday night, November 10th US Bank Stadium welcomed Billy Joel and Stevie Nicks, over 50,000 people attended that show, and as soon as that show was done crews moved in and started to take down the stage and remove the seats from the floor to make room for the Vikings.

On Sunday, November 12th, the Vikings played the Saints at noon, so not only did the Friday night concert have to be cleared and the stadium cleaned, but the turf had to be laid in time for kickoff on Sunday. In total about 113,000 people visited the stadium over the two events.

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San Diego Chargers v Minnesota Vikings
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US Bank Stadium shared an incredible timelapse video of the multiple crews hard at work making the conversion, at one point there were about 13 semi-trucks parked on the floor loading up the stage from the concert.

You can also see in the video that the turf for the Vikings game is already laid, the turf is covered up by plastic and some hard flooring panels, similar to what AMSOIL Arena does when they have ice for hockey, they often just cover the ice.

In my short break from MIX 108 working at the Duluth Entertainment Convention Center, I got the opportunity to see the planning and execution of flips like this, it takes a lot of coordination between several departments in these venues to make this happen, so big shoutout to all those that do this work.

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