Reaction videos are all the rage on YouTube, so it's no surprise this young hip-hop fan wanted to get in on the fun.

According to Rory, who goes by PF on YouTube, he heard that Lil Yachty, Lil Pump and Offset teamed up for the song "Baby Daddy" off of Yachty's Lil Boat 2 project, so he had to film his reaction.

Like any good YouTuber, Rory had his essentials with him for his video—his mom's iPhone, a cup, Trader Joe's Organic 100 percent Melon Juice, a spray bottle filled with water ("just in case stuff gets too fire") and a speaker.

Off the bat, Rory was feeling the track, bobbing his head to the 30 Roc-produced beat and complimenting Lil Pump's flow. At one point, Rory had to leave his seat as the song got too fire for him. "That beat at the end and the intro, that's nice," he said.

But while Rory appeared to be enjoying the track, his review at the end was less than kind. "Overall that song was, I don't know," Rory said, shaking his hand and implying the track was just OK. "I've heard better Lil Boat songs."

The "Gucci Gang" rapper did get a positive review from Rory, who called his guest spot on "Baby Daddy" the "best Lil Pump feature that" he's heard in a longtime. The YouTuber commended Pump's flow and aggression on the track.

As for Offset's verse, Rory wasn't too sure about it, revealing that he was a fan of Culture but didn't like its sequel, Culture II. "I think he's still in that Culture II mood where he just has to put not enough effort in it, and I think you should put a little more effort in there, Offset," he said.

Rory's "Baby Daddy" reaction isn't his first video. The child has a number of clips on his channel, including his father's reaction to Run the Jewels, as well as his dad reacting to songs from Tyler, The Creator and Brockhampton.

Check out Rory's reaction video below.

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