Congratulations to all the College Graduates out there, but a very special Congrats to 16 year old Serra Crawford who graduated yesterday with a Bachelor's Degree from UW-Madison.

Serra hails from Monona Wisconsin, and showed from an early age  that she was quite gifted. By age 6 she was doing Algebra and Trigonometry and by age 10 was already taking college level classes.

Can you imagine as parent trying to help your child with this ability, with their homework? I run and hide when our kids bust out 7th grade math.  Boy talk about making you feel pretty dumbed down as a parent. So, where do you go from here? Maybe a Masters degree by 21?

Apparently being a smarty pants runs in the family. Her older brother graduated form Madison last year at age 16 1/2! All I know is Thank God summer is 2 weeks away, because I need a break form being the Homework Police in our house!