I heard about Elmwood, Wisconsin's UFO Days from my co-host Lauren. She wrote an article about how it was coming up. I looked it up on the map and realized it was only a few miles away from where a good friend of mine lives. So I hopped on the motorcycle for an impromptu trip to this little town near Menomonie, Wisconsin.

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So UFOs are now a confirmed thing. Only the Pentagon calls them unidentified aerial phenomenons now. More people are realizing that they really do exist. But this little town has been believing ever since their police chief was zapped by a UFO. Seriously, we'll get to that in a minute.

Read on to learn more about the town that calls itself "The UFO Capital Of The World."

Photos From Small Town Wisconsin UFO Days

I recently attended a UFO festival in a small, charming Wisconsin town. They claim to be the UFO capital of the world, with many sightings still occurring. It even made national headlines in the 1970s. I'll say this, the festival was out of this world.

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